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Digital Drafts, powered by Fin3
We deliver digital check solutions for consumers, enterprises, and financial institutions.

Cost, speed, or convenience

Until now, you had to pick two. Credit cards, ACH, and wire transfers give you one or two of these. FedNow/RTP is promising but forces gatekeepers. Fin3’s solutions can give you all three benefits of low-cost, fast, and convenient.

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Fin3 Digital Drafts solve your biggest problems

With Fin3 Digital Drafts provide for:

  • Benefits of traditional checks

  • Multiple settlement methods

  • Programmable, instant transfer of ownership

  • Delivery via email, SMS, or even traditional mail

  • New rail for RTP

Modern solutions for critical use cases

Fin3 Digital Drafts provide modern solutions for critical use cases such as:

  • Enterprise disbursements (rebates, refunds, etc.) 

  • Disbursements with legal implications (insurance settlements, escrow refunds, etc.)

  • Lockboxes (rent payments, utility payments, etc.)

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