Distributed Ledger

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Enables instant and permanent transfer with registry of ownership


Eliminates bilateral settlements and 3rd party involvement

Tokenized Deposit

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Underpins programmable payments with instant transfer of value


Replaces interchange and wires

Smart Contracts

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Validates data and encode agreements automatically


Replaces manual settlements and reduce transaction costs

Fin3 provides banks with an instant secure alternative to

ACH, wires and expensive interchange payments 

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Powering banks to create 1:1 fully reserved tokenized bank deposits for real time payments, 24/7/365

How it Works

Fin3's Blockchain Interface System
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Bank customer initiates a transaction

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BIS moves USD from customer’s account to reserve account, minting equal # of tokenized deposits


Stablecoin ownership is transferred to recipient via Distributed Ledger

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BIS moves USD to recipient’s account from the reserve account

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Deploys on a bank's
private cloud
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Integrates with a bank's
existing core systems
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Fin3's Ecosystem

We empower banks to work with multiple blockchains, bank cores, and digital asset security technologies

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