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  • Adam Yarnold

The Potential of Digital Drafts

Digital drafts are a new payment method. They can kill payment fraud, reduce costs, and save people time and money. They can also enable payments in new circumstances where there would be too much friction today.  

There are a ton of use cases, but here are a few that we have been talking to partners about:

  • Insurance: a secure, direct way to disburse claims

  • Banks: an alternative to checks; eliminate check fraud, offer a new secure payment method

  • Title Companies / Escrow Agents: stop wire/payment fraud with payee verification

  • Class Action Settlements: save money and gain transparency on disbursements

  • Small Businesses: Save money by eliminating the manual work of paying by checks

  • Renters / Landlords: Can digitize the lockbox process while providing good funds (i.e. digital money orders)

  • Neobanks / Digital Banks: does your bank not offer checking? Digital drafts are a solution

Digital drafts are not just the future; they can deliver a strong ROI today through fraud elimination, efficiency gains, and direct cost savings. If you’re interested in exploring how digital drafts can enhance your business, we invite you to reach out to us at Fin3. Let’s discuss how our technology can be tailored to your specific needs and contribute to the growth and success of your business.

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